Invisible threads

Developed during my residency at Roca Umbert, a former textile factory converted into an arts centre located in Granollers, Barcelona, Spain. 

Installation; video projection with separate sound piece, 2020-2021

This installation is a personal response to the history of the former textile factory Roca Umbert, and forms part of a wider ongoing project. It takes as its starting point a very specific place and context, a sewing room, (“El cosidor”) created in the 1950s for the single female workers of the factory where they could go after work to learn to sew and embroider as well as other domestic skills, in preparation for married life. 

“Invisible threads” takes the idea of this sewing room as a space where personal narratives developed and were interweaved into the textiles the women made for their future homes. Exploring the idea of the narratives and memories a piece of fabric can evoke in us, together with the close relationship between women and cloth throughout history, this work records the process of “un-embroidering” in an attempt to understand my personal connection with these narratives, but also to make visible the invisible threads that connect us on a universal level through the idea of shared memories.

The video of this lengthy process is projected onto the “un-embroidered” tablecloth while a separate sound piece emits a series of personal anecdotes and memories connected to cloth told by different women.

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